If you are a regular to our website, you will have noticed it has had a considerable upgrade.

For the technically inclined, we have moved from a SquareSpace subscription based service, to a WordPress template. We did this for two reasons. First, we were looking for more control over our content, and our previous website was getting harder to manage, and I suspect that this was more to do with our skill than the capabilities of the service we were using. The WordPress platform has also had a learning curve attached to it, but we do feel more in control of it, within the limitations of the theme we have chosen. Also the other factor that we were struggling with was the appearance of our website across all devices, especially smartphones. The WordPress website makes the changes required automatically, and in website jargon, is a ‘responsive’ site. So we are hoping this will be valuable change.

We do hope this new website better communicates who we are, and like any new thing, we are ironing out the bugs and faults, so if you do notice any errors or if something doesn’t gel, please bring it to our attention, as all things can be improved with critique and refinement.


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