As Registered Architects and members of the New Zealand Institute of Architects, we are able to provide a comprehensive architectural service. We have found that no two clients are the same, and therefore we do not attempt to fit all our clients into a single project delivery model. Typically projects go through several stages of conception, development and detailing, in order to document and build a successful project. Foundation Architects will tailor make a service package suited to your specific project.

This document – Guide to Architects’ Services, NZIA, is a good reference in regard to the typical services provided by an Architect.


Traditionally this is what most people think we do, and it does represent a significant part of our services. This is the primary part of all projects in the initial stages, where we formulate proposals to a brief. Services within this realm of project work include:

  • • Preliminary Design Feasibility
  • • District Plan Rules Assessment
  • • Concept Design
  • • Developed Design including coordination and integration of external consultants
  • • Visualization utilising 3D renders
  • • Joinery and Furniture Design
  • • Interior Design


We believe that the quality of the documentation is often mirrored in the quality of the delivered project. The documentation produced for every project is vital in assessing the proposal’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as rendering a set of instructions for all contractors to follow and physically construct your project. Services within this realm of project work include:

  • • Detailed Design including coordination and integration of external consultants
  • • Documentation for NZ Building Consent
  • • Documentation for NZ resource Consent
  • • Documentation for on / off site construction.


This is the most exciting phase of all projects – when your project is actually built. This is where all the hours designing and documenting a project leads to, and all the decisions made explode into reality. Constructing any building though is a stressful process, and this stage is known to be so. While we cant eliminate this stress, we make every attempt to ease this process, and it is our experience that the final rewards more than compensate for the stress. Services towards delivering a project include:

  • • Tender processes including assessments and recommendations
  • • Construction Contract Procurement
  • • Construction Contract Administration
  • • Construction Contract Observation